Chemical Peels

What is Chemical Peels ?

Chemical Peels is a group of naturally occurring substances often referred to as “fruits acids” because they are found naturally in various fruits and other foods . The particular Chemical Peels in our chemical peel is glycolic acid which is non-toxic and naturally occurring in sugar cane.

What’s the magic of AHA Chemical?

Turns back the clock- bring back the soft, radiant look to skin!

  • Increases skin glow or radiance
  • Smoothens and softens the skin
  • Minimizes pore size appearance
  • Visibly softens fine lines
  • Diminishes coarse lines from sun damage
  • Improves oily complexion
  • Treats acne and black heads
  • Lightens pigmentation irregularities


Photoaging Skin, Pigmentation Skin, Acne Skin, Acne Scarring

How you feel about yourself is often related to how your skin looks and feels. Factors that can affect the appearance of your skin include fine lines, wrinkles, acne, acne scarring, pigmentation irregularities, dull and rough skin.

At BioGenesis, we will design a peeling program to meet your expectations to achieve the results you desire. It’s your first step towards finding renewed, radiant-looking skin.

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