Icoone® Laser

The innovative Icoone® LASER technology combines mechanical stimulation , delivered by independent motorized microstimulators, with the action of LASER and LED light, which quickly and effectively targets diet and exercise resistant fat deposits.

What is the benefits of the combined Laser and LED light on tissues?

  • Breaking down fat cells into glycerol and free fatty acids
  • Reducing cellulite by decreasing the volume of adipocytes
  • Accelerating metabolism
  • Stimulating and rebuilding of collagen
  • Accelerating cell metabolism
  • Stimulating the lymphatic system and reducing water retention and inflammation


The cosmetic application of Icoone® can

  1. Reduce the appearance of cellulite
    This targeted treatment visibly reduce the onset of unsightly orange peel skin. Icoone® helps to tone the skim. Improves blood circulation, reduce fluid retention and restoring harmonious body shape  
  1. Reduce localised fat deposits
    Designed to work on stubborn fat deposits , this treatment remodels to entire figure, granting the harmony to the body shape and a pleasant feeling of lightness.
  1. Skin Quality Enhancement ( Skin firming and toning)
    This treatment promotes the production of collagen and elastin, for a toned and silky look. The treatment is particularly suitable for loose skin following weight loss.
  1. Reduces fluid retention and enhance local blood circulation
    Designed to stimulate lymphatic and local blood circulation, this treatment gives your legs a feeling of lightness and wellbeing.



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